Excess Reinsurance
Sometimes, the value of a whole is greater than the sum of its parts—especially when it comes to securing excess reinsurance. As a proven risk-pool reinsurer and administrator, BCS Insurance expands excess reinsurance protection for our partners by creating economies of scale that generate increased actuarial credibility and unmatched collective buying power. With this type of leverage available to your organization, don't go at it alone when mitigating excess claim volatility. BCS Insurance Excess Reinsurance is strength in numbers. That's protection, expanded.
Limited Benefits
Hourly employees with access to the healthcare system stand out in a crowd. So do their employers. With over 40 million Americans today lacking access to healthcare, your organization can be part of a solution. Our limited products expand worksite benefits to otherwise uninsured hourly and seasonal workers. From fixed indemnity medical to dental, vision, and Rx options, BCS Insurance provides basic yet essential benefits for cost-sensitive employees and employers. And, since no employer contributions are required, BCS Insurance Limited Benefits are an easy way to provide access to healthcare. That's protection, expanded.
Professional Liability
BCS Insurance is one of the only insurers to continuously serve the professional liability market since 1987—unlike most commercial carriers, who quickly fade in and out of the market. As a leading provider of liability protection for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System, BCS Insurance continues to look forward, tailoring new and innovative solutions while addressing emerging issues, minimizing the financial impact of catastrophic losses, and strengthening competitive advantages. That's protection, expanded.
Student Accident & Health
You covered the last generation. Now you cover the current generation, too. So why wait to start covering the next generation? By partnering with BCS Insurance, you will be able to expand protection by insuring college and university students nationwide. Serving this market for over a decade, BCS Insurance produces customized student insurance programs, including Accident Only as well as Accident and Sickness coverages. Each BCS Insurance student program is available with mandatory or voluntary plan enrollment policies, including either hard or soft waivers. Perfect for small to medium-sized colleges and universities, BCS Insurance has you covered. That's protection, expanded.
Cyber & Privacy Loss Protection
The fallout from network security breaches, lost computer equipment, employee errors, and outsourced service providers extends beyond your bottom line—it affects your company's reputation. BCS Insurance designed a market-leading Cyber & Privacy Loss Protection solution that expands security coverage for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. Providing limits up to $30 million, this coverage enables your organization to put your members' privacy protection first. With every advancement in healthcare information technology, BCS Insurance insures new exposures as they inevitably unveil themselves. That's protection, expanded.
Travel Insurance
A business trip to secure a new client. The road trip of your dreams. That romantic getaway you spent on the high seas. No matter your trip's purpose, if you have ever purchased travel coverage, there is a good chance it was underwritten by BCS Insurance. As an issuing carrier for two of the nation's largest travel insurers, BCS Insurance underwrites trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, and travel accident insurance. BCS Insurance also covers emergency medical and dental services when you need them the most. A member of the United States Travel Insurance Association, BCS Insurance insures both individual and group travel arrangements. That's protection, expanded.
Agent and Agency Errors & Omissions
Since your agents write business on your behalf, your organization needs to expand its protection—from unintentional errors, unforeseen omissions, and their overall resulting liabilities. The BCS Insurance Agent and Agency Errors & Omissions insurance program is a turnkey solution of unmatched value. The program costs your company nothing yet provides confidence that the risk associated with your producers, their agencies, and their activities is contained. This resulting firewall protects your organization by protecting your agents. That's protection, expanded.
Issuing Carrier
Balancing the requirements of a complicated insurance deal can be a challenge. As an industry-leading issuing carrier licensed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, BCS Insurance specializes in expanding these types of opportunities. BCS Insurance is also rated "A-" (Excellent) by A.M. Best, qualifying us to serve even your most important clients. From managing complex risk arrangements to filing forms and securing reinsurance, BCS Insurance has you covered. That's protection, expanded.
Medical Stop Loss
You're working hard to develop a block of business by generating stop loss proposal requests—now make sure your stop loss partners are working for you. From 24/12 to 12/24, BCS Insurance offers a complete array of coverage options answering nearly every request your organization will encounter. Besides expanding stop loss opportunities with contract term flexibility, BCS offers a full spectrum of specific and aggregate stop loss insurance, reinsurance, risk share, and underwriting-only solutions. So, when you look to answer your next request for proposal, look to the many stop loss solutions of BCS Insurance. That's protection, expanded.
Critical Illness Insurance
Most of us assume that health insurance covers most costs after a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis. But critical illnesses can cause a financial catastrophe — even if you have insurance. Critical Illness Insurance from BCS can help protect your family’s finances by paying you a lump sum after initial diagnosis. That's protection, expanded.
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