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Expanding Professional Liability Protection
Starts with BCS Insurance Company.
BCS Insurance is one of the only insurers to continuously serve the professional liability market since 1987—unlike most commercial carriers, who quickly fade in and out of the market. As a leading provider of liability protection for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System, BCS Insurance continues to look forward, tailoring new and innovative solutions while addressing emerging issues, minimizing the financial impact of catastrophic losses, and strengthening competitive advantages. That's protection, expanded.

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BCS Insurance Company expands protection to Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies with its Professional Liability program. The program began with the formation of Plans’ Liability Insurance Company (PLIC). PLIC has been the lead reinsurer since the program’s inception. BCS Insurance Company and PLIC offer the Blue System a reliable and stable source of Directors and Officers Liability and Managed Care Errors & Omissions insurance. Both PLIC and the program itself are uniquely created by and for Plans. PLIC-partner Plans enjoy a host of protection options against liability risk. Plans have substantial input into the program through the PLIC Board of Directors and the Risk Management Advisory Committee. When your Plan participates in this partnership—your Plan protects itself.

Partnership Benefits

This creative partnership results in several advantages for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. By joining this partnership, you:

  Enable your Plan to participate in profitable underwriting through increases in PLIC share values, dividends, and premium credits
  Allow your Plan to have input on product design
  Provide your Plan a unique, industry-specific forum to share information on risk and insurance management

Risk Management Solutions

For over two decades, BCS Insurance has collaborated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies to continually refine coverage to better meet their professional liability needs. BCS Insurance professional liability services include:

  Managed Care Errors & Omissions
  Excess Liability
  Directors & Officers
  Employment Practices Liability
  Cyber & Privacy Loss

The BCS Insurance Professional Liability program is protection, expanded.
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