When Heathcare Access is On the Line ...

Expanding Limited Benefit Protection
Starts with BCS Insurance Company.
Hourly employees with access to the healthcare system stand out in a crowd. So do their employers. With over 40 million Americans today lacking access to healthcare, your organization can be part of a solution. Our limited products expand worksite benefits to otherwise uninsured hourly and seasonal workers. From fixed indemnity medical to dental, vision, and Rx options, BCS Insurance provides basic yet essential benefits for cost-sensitive employees and employers. And, since no employer contributions are required, BCS Insurance Limited Benefits are an easy way to provide access to healthcare. That's protection, expanded.

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BCS Insurance Company offers flexible, limited benefit indemnity medical insurance programs for part-time and hourly workers. Now, workers who historically have not been offered basic medical coverage can access the healthcare system as well as provide basic coverage for their families. For employers, EssentialCare offers a recruiting and retention advantage that is flexible and cost-effective. While other insurers are trying to gain a foothold in the limited benefit marketplace, BCS Insurance has been filling this important need for years.


As a major underwriter in the limited benefit market, BCS Insurance has implemented programs for national fast food franchises, hotel chains, department stores, and staffing companies. Product features include:

  Fixed indemnity health insurance coverage
  Ancillary lines such as Rx, dental, and vision
  Flexible plan design allows for customizable programs
  Coverage for physician office visits, hospital services, surgical procedures, wellness benefits, and more

Top-Rated Provider Networks

In order to provide access to quality care and stretch the insured's benefit dollars, BCS Insurance incorporates top-rated national provider networks, including:

  First Health network of hospitals and physicians
  Caremark network of pharmacies
  EyeMed Vision Care network

Administrative Features

Enrollment, claim payment, ID card issuance, and customer services include:

  Online web administration tools
  Flexible enrollment option with call center, Internet, IVR, and paper submissions
  COBRA administration

Target Markets

BCS Insurance Limited Benefit markets include:

  Employer/employee relationship with 500+ hourly employees
  Young populations with average age under 45
  High turnover and/or waiting period-based populations

The BCS Insurance Company Limited Benefits program is protection, expanded.
For more information, please call 866.798.0803 ext. 3260 or visit essentialcare.com.


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