When Claim Volatility is On the Line ...

Expanding Excess Reinsurance Protection
Starts with BCS Insurance Company.

Sometimes, the value of a whole is greater than the sum of its parts—especially when it comes to securing excess reinsurance. As a proven risk-pool reinsurer and administrator, BCS Insurance expands excess reinsurance protection for our partners by creating economies of scale that generate increased actuarial credibility and unmatched collective buying power. With this type of leverage available to your organization, don't go at it alone when mitigating excess claim volatility. BCS Insurance Excess Reinsurance is strength in numbers. That's protection, expanded.

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Early results show Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are responding successfully to early implementation of healthcare reform policies. However, one cannot expect all strengths or weaknesses to fully surface in 2011 and 2012 financial reports.The BCS Insurance Company Excess Reinsurance program mitigates the volatility of these risks through 2014 and beyond.

The Problem

For many organizations, the full impact of healthcare reform will not be felt until 2014 and beyond—especially when it comes to catastrophic claim risk exposures due to:

  Unlimited Maximums
  Indvidual Market Growth
  Minimum Loss Ratios

The Solution

To mitigate these risks, BCS Insurance specializes in designing risk-sharing reinsurance solutions that increase actuarial credibility and generate unmatched reinsurance buying power. As both a reinsurance carrier and risk-pool administrator, BCS Insurance is a proven partner offering:

  Mutual Trust
  Shared Confidence
  Experienced Stability
  Excess Protection

Excess Protection

The BCS Insurance Excess Reinsurance program protects Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies by minimizing the effects of claim volatility on bottom line performance. With excess protection, Blue companies effectively convert variable catastrophic costs into more predictable fixed costs—capping maximum liability exposure at the same time.

  Access quota share and min/max arrangements
  Reinsure claims exceeding an attachment point at a fixed cost
  Protect reserves from catastrophic losses
  Include the cost of reinsurance in the pricing formula

The BCS Insurance Company Excess Reinsurance program is protection, expanded.
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