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Expanding Errors & Omissions Protection
Starts with BCS Insurance Company.
Since your agents write business on your behalf, your organization needs to expand its protection—from unintentional errors, unforeseen omissions, and their overall resulting liabilities. The BCS Insurance Agent and Agency Errors & Omissions insurance program is a turnkey solution of unmatched value. The program costs your company nothing yet provides confidence that the risk associated with your producers, their agencies, and their activities is contained. This resulting firewall protects your organization by protecting your agents. That's protection, expanded.

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Your agents and their agencies—valuable partners in growing your business—need protection. BCS Insurance Company makes it simple for you to expand protection to them with our turnkey errors and omissions program. Feature your company as a sponsor while you strengthen and protect this vital conduit to your shared customers. Enhance agent loyalty through the visibility gained by sponsoring easily obtainable, broad protection against exposure from the sale of life, annuity, accident, health, and other business or affiliate products. And when your company does this—your company protects itself.

Agent Advantages

Protection against errors and omissions liability is only one of the advantages agents and agencies receive from the program. Other benefits for agents and agencies include:

  Access to sponsored coverage
  Favorable and stable pricing
  Online tools for enrollment, payment, brochure, and policy information

Sponsor Advantages

When your company sponsors the BCS Insurance Agent and Agency E&O turnkey program, not only are you strengthening your relationship with your agents and their agencies, you also put a valuable firewall in place for your organization. Benefits for your company include:

  Cost-effective way to assist agents with licensing criteria adherence
  Annual verification of agents' insurance
  Access to loss trend reports
  Protection against E&O liability
  Turnkey program requiring little work by your company
  Available individual and agency coverages

The BCS Insurance Company Agent and Agency E&O program is protection, expanded. For more information, please call 866.389.0022 or visit bcs-eo.com.

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